Lately I've been very active and iterested in graphic design, especially using Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Here are some example advertisements and a logo I've been doing for my friend. It's very fun and at least I feel I'm improving all the time.

Who knows if I find nice way to combine graphic design and costumes soon... Or soonISH.

Some thoughts of my main field of work!

I started designing an idea for my printable portfolio yesterday. It's a process but I'm really much getting there. Nice job, me!

Last night I started creating new logo for myself. Long time I've been thinking of some kind of Aries (ram) head logo instead of the old signature logo.

And here it is! It turned out to be really cool. I'm proud. Hope you like it too.

Cheers | XXX

Playing around with the blue and green screen at school. It's fun, you should try!